The Australian Proxy Server

Australia Proxy Server is a free anonymous web proxy service. With Australia Proxy Server you can browse your favorite web sites anonymously and even from behind a firewall with blocked ports. Whether you are at work, school, a college university, a public terminal or anywhere else with a web browser.

Web sites often track, log and analyze your IP address, geographical information, web browser and other personal information. Australia Proxy Server makes your browsing experience totally anonymous by hiding information such as your IP address from web servers.

Browsing anonymously is safe. Australia Proxy Server doesnt require you to download software or programs to be installed. Using Australia Proxy Server to browse the web will reduce your risk of being infected with trojans, viruses, worms and other malicious scripts by putting an anonymous filter between you and the web site you are visiting.

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About Australia

Australia formally the Commonwealth of Australia, a country comprising the land of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and various smaller islands. it's the world's sixth-largest country by total space. close countries including Republic of Indonesia, East Timor and Papua new guinea to the north; the Solomon Islands, Republic of Vanuatu and New Caledonia to the north-east; and New Sjaelland to the south-east.

For a minimum of 40,000 years before the primary British settlement within the late eighteenth century,Australia was populated by endemic Australians, who spoke languages sorted into roughly 250 language groups.After discovery by Dutch explorers in 1606, Australia's eastern half was claimed by great britain in 1770 and settled through penal transportation to the colony of recent South Wales from twenty six Jan 1788. The population grew steady in succeeding decades; the continent was explored and a further 5 independent Crown Colonies were established.

On one Jan 1901, the six colonies federate, forming the Commonwealth of Australia. Since Federation, Australia has maintained a stable liberal democratic form of government that functions as a federal democracy and constitutional autarchy. The federation includes six states and several other territories. The population of twenty three.1 million is extremely urban and heavily focused within the eastern states.

A extremely developed country and one among the wealthiest, Australia is the world's 12th-largest economy and has the world's fifth-highest per capita financial gain. Australia's military expenditure is that the world's 13th-largest. With the second-highest human development index globally, Australia ranks extremely in several international comparisons of national performance, like quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and therefore the protection of civil liberties and political rights. Australia is a member of the UN, G20, Commonwealth of countries, ANZUS, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Trade Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and also the Pacific Islands Forum.

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